Workshops and Programs for Parents, Educators, Therapists or Other Professionals on These and Related Topics:

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  • Teaching your Child(ren) Responsibility and Building his/her Self-Esteem
  • Understanding your Child(ren)’s Developmental Ages and Stages and How they Affect their Behavior
  • Dealing with Behavioral Challenges and/or Power Struggles
  • Understanding your Child(ren)’s Emotional World and How to Enter It
  • Helping your Child(ren) Cope with Separation/Divorce
  • Being a Single Parent with an Uncooperative Ex-Spouse Individualized parent coaching and programs are available to meet the needs of you and your family
  • Identifying Children with Learning and/or Behavioral Challenges
  • Sensory Processing and How it Impacts a Child’s Behavior & Ability to Learn
  • Parenting 101: gaining confidence in your parenting
  • C-P-R (Child Parent Relationship) Training – a 10 Week Workshop
  • Communication 101: Learning how to work through the challenging times
  • Parenting Children With Special Needs
  • Siblings of Children With Special Needs: How to understand them and help them deal with their siblings challenges.