Back to School – Mindfulness in the Little Things


The school year schedule has many of us running on auto-pilot. If you are like me, I appreciate the more structured schedule; though, the monotony can put me in a daze. Before I know it, it is usually the end of the calendar year and I feel like I missed out on the beauty and beginnings that make up the season of fall. Practicing mindfulness in the little things has helped me slow down, see if it can be useful to you!

  • Wake up even just 10 minutes earlier than usual to sip coffee, step outside, or meditate
  • Turn off the radio in the car and just BE
  • Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner while sitting down at a table
  • Create something for the home that is inspired by the season – a wreath, fireplace display, or bouquet of flowers
  • Ask the kids (and then really listen) about something they liked about their day and something they might change
  • Start a self-care plan – take a walk, run a bath, practice yoga, meet a friend

Lastly, give yourself grace in this new season and remember you will never experience quite the same season again.



Written by Caroline Racher

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