Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something?

Since I am a creature of habit, I like doing the same routine every day. I find comfort in the predictability and like to depend on what I ‘know’ works for me. Anyone with me?

The problem with this is that I (in mind, body, soul) am constantly changing due to both external and internal factors. So, my prescribed routine only works for so long before I start to feel off-kilter. You can probably guess what happens next: I start to feel out of control and grasp at almost any quick fix to make me feel ‘better.’

However, when I choose to live in awareness of what I need in any given moment I can better respond to those specific needs in real time. It doesn’t mean that I’ll always be happy or problem free, but it helps prevent me from getting to the point where I feel like I’m spiraling out of control.

For example, general mental wellness is deeply connected to the physical body. When you feel like you need a pick-me-up, an easy first step is to turn your awareness towards your body. Here are four questions to consider:

  1. What have I been putting into my body? Our diets affect mood, energy, sleep, etc.
  2. Have I been taking vitamins and medicine as prescribed/recommended? Unwanted side effects can occur when we veer from medicinal recommendations.
  3. What has the quality of my sleep been like? Quality of sleep (or lack thereof) can also affect mood and (obviously) energy levels.
  4. How much movement have I allowed my body? Exercise is connected to mood, energy, sleep, and overall wellness.

What is your body telling you it needs today?





Written by Danielle Hughes

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