Does Valentine’s Day Ruin your Month?

Just when we’re starting to get into our new year groove, February hits with what can seem like a tornado of emotions. February, the love-month, can be tough for many people. On top, it looks like a single vs. partnered issue, but it’s not that simple.

Many people experience an increase in grief and loss related feelings, and miss people who aren’t with them anymore. Others experience anxiety about expectations being met, about what others’ actions mean about their worth. Many people are angry and hurt, avoiding relationship related topics or lashing out.

While we can’t (single handedly) change the commercialized messages of Valentine’s Day, we can assign “the holiday” our own meaning and traditions. One question I ask myself in February is, how do I want to show love to those I care most about? Perhaps you host a special dinner for your closest friends, or organize a hike. Maybe this year you send Valentine’s Day cards instead of the more traditional Christmas cards. Think outside the box. Focus on how you want to celebrate your love for others.



Written by Danielle Hughes

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